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July 2006

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quasi_hayley in eljayuk

It's a Go!

After an excellent response to the polls I'm pleased to announce that ElJay 2008 will indeed be taking place.

The venue search is underway for a location that'll be accessible to all with plenty of options for programming whilst still keeping costs low. As for dates, currently we're favouring August but April seems to be a popular choice in the poll for some reason so we haven't ruled it out.

Once we've finalised our dates and location an official announcement will be made (and cross-posted!) here so to make sure you don't miss it please friend the community.

If you think you'd be interested in helping organise the event or simply have more questions then please leave a comment!


I'd love to be able to help out any way you need me, but I won't be any help until mid 2007, at the moment I live in Australia, but I'm going to be living in Glasgow from July 2007.
That'll be fine, thanks, there probably won't be much happening before then anyway. When I put the volunteers list together I'll drop you an e-mail. :)
I'm very willing to help out - what kind of help do you need?
I need all kinds of help ;) but right now, I'm looking either for people who have done this kind of thing before and/or have a relevant skill for organising events or for people to go on the volunteers list that I can ask to work on specific projects. Which one of those sounds best for you?
The only experience I have fandom wise with conventions is attending them!

In my secret RL identity, however, I've helped organise and run events for anywhere between 20 and 150 people. Kids, actually, as I'm a Brownie leader for my sins! Grown-ups can't be as bad as them, surely...

I'm happy to slot in wherever you need me.
Hey, attending them is like research or something ;) what've you been to?

I shall be setting up a mailing list for high-level organisational stuff, would you like to be a part of that? Then once we've got a team together we can define job roles and see who'd be good at what.
Obviously, I'm in America, so I don't really know how much I could do to help, but I'd love to do what I can!
Will you still be going to a whole multitude of con-type things next year? Because if you are, it'd be great if you could help spread the word for us!
I know at *least* 2 that I'm probably going to for sure. One in June in Louisville and then Decalogy, which will be over in England. I'll be sure to try and spread it around! After that, if I enjoy D*C, I might do that again. I'll definitely spread the word though!
*cries* I want to go, but my swimming skills aren't quite up to par, methinks, and I don't have a Tardis. ;)
*sends you a flying carpet*

Maybe if we got some knowledgable tech people we could have a live internet feed :D

< /insane ideas >
Nottingham is on the top 5 list! Conference venues have an uncanny ability to be completely unhelpful but so far the Notts people have been really good so *fingers crossed*.
Oh I know, I live in Nottingham too! I'm moving to the Peak District to get a long avoided degree but Nottingham is certainly very good from an accessibility point of view and as I said, the venue's been very helpful so far.
Blidworth at the moment although normally I live in Redhill near Arnold. You?
Small world! Mind if I friend you? It'd be cool to know someone local even if I am moving soon.
Cool, I certainly shall! *points at icon* Thats me. I answer to both Niu and Hayley :)
Lol, no worries.

We're moving to Buxton assuming I get a place on the course I want so if you want any bottled water I'm your girl ;)


typical. I find someone near me (almost frighteningly so) and they immediately take off. What is it about me?

Though I've been to buxton and, from the little I remember, it's a lovely place. Though I stuck well away from the Evil Bottled Water of Doom - the Earth's biggest rip-off. Well, third biggest. Right after bags of frozen gravy cubes, which comes right after bags of ice cubes. I mean COME ON! People pay for this stuff?

Ahem. Spontanious rant over.
How do! I randomly stumbled over this and looks like a fun idea, so one more volunteer for you - though I am in Dorset, so a far cry from most likely locations for a nationwide meet-up.

I've never been to convention, but I have been to several gatherings of random internet friends. Also organised a wedding that involved guests from four countries while living in a different country to the venue - that ship in my icon, in fact - mostly by email, which proves that the internet is a wonderful thing :)

Woohoo! Thanks for your interest. I'm sending out invites for the volunteers list right now so expect one shortly :)